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Rubysticks are the leading technology for cleaning high tech equipment and specialty shops.  These swabs have a very soft polyester head that leaves no lint behind with an angled head to reach the smallest of places.  The head is made of super porous fiber to allow for extreme absorption of both cleaning fluid or liquid debris that is being cleaned.  Ideal for cleaning LCD production workshops, laboratories, printers, weapons, computers, Antiques, and just about any equipment that has hard to reach places that have to be cleaned.  Unlike the cotton swab type swabs that leave cotton strands in the places you are trying to clean these swabs reach everywhere and guarantee to leave the place dirt, dust and lint free of even the particles you can see.  The Polyester head offers good heat resistance and strong corrosion resistance for use in extreme situations and with chemicals.


We are the only supplier of the Cleaning swab known as Rubystick!


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